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About All For Good
Using All For Good

About All For Good

What is All for Good? Why should I use it?

All for Good is a hub for volunteerism and community service on the Internet, and a service of Points of Light. We envision the site as a meeting place for organizations and individuals, providing a communal platform that allows people to see where change is needed, and makes it easy for them to engage. Powered by the largest online database of volunteer opportunities, All for Good is connecting Americans with nonprofits and other organizations.

How large is the All for Good database?

Each month there are over 150,000 listings in the system, representing over a million volunteer opportunities, making All for Good the largest database of volunteer opportunities on the web. Of course, size isn't the only thing that matters—we put just as much emphasis on search quality, listing quality, user interfaces, site speed and the many other factors that together help make All for Good the best place for finding and sharing ways to do good.

Is All for Good free?

It’s completely free for volunteers to search and register for volunteer opportunities on All for Good. Organizations should see our Terms of Service, or contact support@allforgood.org for more information.

Commercial entities wanting to use All For Good's database for non-public commercial ventures may be subject to a fee for its use.

Who provides the volunteer opportunities?

Listings on All For Good come directly from nonprofits and companies that help connect people to service events, as well as from our partner volunteer opportunity listing sites, like Idealist.org and ServiceNation.org.

Is All for Good a nonprofit?

Yes! All for Good is a service of Points of Light.

Points of Light inspires, equips and mobilizes people to take action that changes the world. We connect people to their power to make a meaningful difference. We are organized to innovate, incubate and activate new ideas that help 21st century volunteers use all of their their time, talent, voice and money to meet the critical needs of our time. Points of Light operates multiple divisions including: HandsOn Network, the largest volunteer network in the world with 250 local affiliates; generationOn, the global youth service division that ignites the power of kids to make their mark on the world; and AmeriCorps Alums, a network of more than 120,000 experienced volunteer leaders. For more information, visit www.PointsofLight.org.

What if I have an idea for a new feature for All for Good?

If you have suggestions for how to improve All for Good or some ideas on features you'd like to see, please let us know by sending us your feedback at support@allforgood.org.

Using All For Good

How do I volunteer for an opportunity?

To volunteer for an opportunity, simply search All For Good for opportunities with the location and issue area or keyword(s) that you’re looking for. You'll be given a list of volunteer opportunities. If the opportunity was posted directly to All for Good, you'll be taken to the opportunity listing to register. If the opportunity is coming from one of our partner providers, you'll be redirected to their site on a separate tab, and be able to complete your registration there.

I'm not getting any results when I search. What do I do?

Try broadening your location or keywords. For instance, instead of Sausalito, CA, search for San Francisco, CA. Being less specific or using different search terms will produce more results.

Still no luck? Create an opportunity yourself to start rallying others to your cause!

How does an organization post a volunteer opportunity?

We welcome your listings and need your support! Whether you have two or two hundred to share, spread the word by registering on All For Good and then creating your organization—or joining it to request posting permission, if your organization is already using All For Good. Once you’ve got permission to post as a manager or admin for your organization, the rest is easy—click on ‘Post Your Opportunity’ and complete the form.

My organization already uses All for Good to promote our volunteer opportunities. How can I transition to the new site?

If you were using the Google spreadsheet template system to post your volunteer opportunities, please register your organization with the new All for Good site to start using our new and improved posting form! We’ll continue to add posts already submitted to the Google form, but will retire the use of the Google form for new submissions on February 1, 2014.

What types of volunteer opportunities does All For Good list?

We welcome listings from all kinds of nonprofits or service organizations looking for volunteers.

Don’t see your cause represented? Add your organization to All For Good and start posting opportunities yourself to start getting things done!

Is there a way to post a large number of volunteer opportunities to All for Good without individually creating them?

The best way to submit a large number of opportunities and keep them automatically updated in our system is to have your IT staff create an XML data feed file of your volunteer opportunities for processing by us. Please contact us at support@allforgood.org to get started.

How do I know the volunteer opportunities posted are legitimate? Is there an approval process before volunteer opportunities are accepted?

We rely on users to flag content that is inappropriate, illegal, or in violation of copyright laws. If you see content that you believe to be inappropriate for All for Good, please contact us at support@allforgood.org.

How are volunteer opportunities ranked on the page?

Individuals can search volunteer opportunities based on location and interest. Search results are based on relevance to the search criteria specified, though we may feature certain opportunities on the search page. Opportunities related to current disaster recovery or relief efforts are easily accessible in the Disaster Portal.

How can I find a volunteer opportunities that is no longer on your site?

Contact the organization that offered the volunteer opportunity directly.

Why should I register my skills with All for Good?

By registering your skills on your account page, you'll enable disaster response and recovery organizations to call on you in times of disaster. Please complete your Skills Profile to make sure your skills and expertise can be quickly and effectively searched for recovery efforts in your local and national community.

Information on your Skills Profile will be compared to skill needs submitted to All for Good by disaster response and recovery organizations in order to find volunteers with skills that match their disaster recovery needs. If your skills match their requirements, All for Good will send you an email with a link to connect to the opportunity as a volunteer so you can start doing some good.

Is All for Good available outside the U.S?

All for Good is primarily intended for use by U.S. and Canadian audiences, but does support posting of opportunities in other countries and searching for them. We hope to grow in future years to more locations.

What if I see an activity that is inappropriate? How do I notify someone and what happens?

To report inappropriate postings on this site, please contact us at support@allforgood.org. We consider inappropriate material to include spam, malware, phishing, violence, hate speech, nudity and sexually explicit material, and private or confidential personal information.

How do I notify you of a copyright issue?

Please contact us at support@allforgood.org with any copyright issues.

I'm having problems with the site. It doesn't seem to be working right...

We want to fix any problems you might find on the site as soon as possible. For technical problems or questions concerning this site, please contact us at support@allforgood.org


What information do you collect from me?

We collect only the minimum amount of data necessary to provide the service to you. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

Got additional questions, concerns, or comments?

Email us at support@allforgood.org and let us know.